Luggage wrapping is designed to stretch wrap the luggage or other related items for protection and security purposes while been handled in the airports. The film provides extra support while the luggage is being transported and protects it from being damaged. The film acts as a preventing tool to unauthorized opening of the luggage. Wrapped luggage can easily be identified at the arrivals carousel.

The constant effort of the airlines to cut costs has resulted to the implementation of strict rules regarding the weight of the cabin and checked-in luggage. Safe-Sac offers weight services to enable passengers to best allocate the contains of their luggage so as to minimize extra charges of the airlines.

With Safe-Sac wrapping each bag is assigned a unique code which is issued to assist tracking undelivered luggage.


The Company’s maximum liability to the Claimant is: Up to €3000 (Three thousand Euros) in the event of the loss of the Luggage with all Contents of the Luggage. Subject to terms and conditions.

Up to €800 (Eight hundred Euros) in the event of damage of the Luggage. Subject to terms and conditions.

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